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This is how you can help:

  • Join and help a Team
  • Blog about it, and link to our campaign!
  • Donate money to DFD: Support
  • Sponsor the campaign: Sponsors
  • Put a banner on your website with our Artwork
  • Adopt a City and help it to use open standards in local government
  • Use¬†!dfd group on and #dfd2011 tag on and Twitter


Translate the website

DFD is a global campaign. To help us make it a worldwide success, please contribute to this message of openness by translating the content of this website to your own native language! (See below each page. Instructions: Translate)


Those are example activities that you can organise on March 30th and help us spread the word about Open Standards.

  • Distribute flyers
  • Organise a talk, workshop, etc.

Tell people they need to have a group, and link to the Teams website.

Set-up an activity in your country/region/city: Spread the awareness about the importance of Open Document Formats! Free your imagination and show to other people in a funny and exciting way what Open Standards are. Here are some examples:

  • Place a booth in your school/university/in the street. Ask people if they know about open document formats!
  • Is there a best place to spread the word about open standards than a public library? Go for it! On 30 of March, go in a public library and advocate open standards and open document formats.
  • Make public announcements! Set up a meeting with a local Radio/TV Channel and speak about open document formats and their importance.

Share your activity with us: Tell others what you are planning! Post a video/photo/write a blog post and tag it with #dfd2011. If you need support, drop a line to DFD2011 team.

DFD Activity packages

Can't read your document poster

The idea here is that people write something on a poster, e.g. "I cannot read your documents". Then take a picture of them with the sign in front of a public institution and publish the picture.

  • a photo camera
  • DFD2011 artwork
  • paper
  • pen/painting accessories
  • 2 weeks before - do some research about public administrations in your city.
  • 1 weeks before - prepare your poster
  • few days before - take the picture
  • 30 of March - publish the picture using the tag #dfd2011

Promote open formats in public library

Librarians should be easy to convince about the usefulness of Open Standards. Have leaflets in the library or be there and inform visitor. E.g. use a old book and ask them if they would like to read this book in an electronic format, in 10 years.

  • DFD artwork
  • DFD leaflets
  • 2 weeks before - find a public library, talk with them about the topic and ask them if you can have leaflets there and talk with visitors
  • 1 week before - print leaflets and find friends to help you
  • 30 of March - use your creativity and inspiration to explain people why open document formats are important

Change your email signature

Ask people to change their e-mail signature for DFD.

  • Document Freedom Day - Liberate your documents - March 30th 2011
  • be sure that before 30 of March, you change your email signature

Give a presentation

Give a presentation at a local Free Software user group about Open Standards.

Materials: Timeline:
  • 3 weeks before - be sure you have a room/place for your presentation
  • 2 weeks before - start promotion that you will give a presentation
  • 30 of March - give your presentation

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