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Chamada de eventos: Faça parte do Document Freedom Day 2015

25 February:

Document Freedom Day about to move into the hands of the Digital Freedom Foundation

26 January:

ドキュメント自由の日、Digital Freedom Foundationの手に移管されつつある

22 January:

Document Freedom Day 2015 Report

08 April:

Worldwide more than 50 events about Open Standards

24 March:

Document Freedom Day interviews Google

21 March:

Document Freedom Day interviews The Document Foundation

19 March:

Call for events: Be a part of Document Freedom Day 2015

25 February:

Document Freedom Day is looking for an intern

17 October:

Document Freedom Day is the global campaign to highlight the importance of Open Standards for our freedom of communication, interoperability and indepedence from vendor lock-in. For this campaign, the office of the FSFEin Berlin is looking for an Intern PR / Campaigning in full time from January 1st until March 31st.

Document Freedom Day 2014 Report

24 April:

Open Standards were celebrated to the ends of the earth for Document Freedom Day 2014, with 51 events in 22 countries. The campaign for interoperability was enacted from Tokyo to Rio, and Birmingham to Taipei.

Document Freedom Day delivers messages of interoperability around the world

25 March:

Over the following 24 hours Open Standards will be celebrated to the ends of the earth. The Document Freedom Day campaign for interoperability is being enacted from Tokyo to Rio, and Birmingham to Taipei. 41 Events are taking place in 18 countries so far.

OpenStreetMap receives Document Freedom Day Award

24 March:

The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) has been awarded the Document Freedom Day UK Award for pioneering work on emerging standards at a ceremony in Birmingham. OSMF representatives attended the ceremony at the Friends of the Earth building, where Brian Prangle, long term OpenStreetMap contributor, received the award from Anna Morris on behalf of the Document Freedom Day campaign for Open Standards.

Special Libre Graphics Mag blog series coming next week

21 March:

Look out for a new article each day by Linux Graphics Magazine next week to celebrate Document Freedom Day. The print publication uses Free Software for it's own graphics and layout, and Open Standard formats for distribution, regularly covers new tools and filetypes within it's pages.

Free promotional packs available

11 March:

Posters, stickers, leaflets and fliers are all included in the free promotional packs that are available for ordering in the Document Freedom Day store now. With only two weeks remaining until the day itself, now is the time to place your order.

Commons Machinery sponsors Document Freedom Day

03 March:

Today Commons Machinery, the development company providing commons related services, has joined Document Freedom Day 2014 as a sponsor.

Registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2014

27 February:

Today registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2014 events. This year the campaign day is March 26th, when people who believe in fair access to communications technology and Open Standards will again present, perform, and demonstrate. Event organisers can now register on the re-launched website.

Advert for DFD2014 in Linux Voice

25 February:

On February 27th, the debut edition of Linux Voice magaine will appear in newsagents across Great Britain, with distribution throughout Europe and the rest of the world following shortly after. We're delighted that a half page advert for Document Freedom Day 2014 appears in this edition, on page 20!

New guide to claiming funding for DFD prizes

15 February:

We've published a new guide to claiming funding for groups that are awarding a Document Freedom Day Prize this year. In a nutshell: tell us you need money, then send us receipts. Simple.

All the artwork is now on Gitorious

04 February:

To understand how the river flows, you better trace its source. In our case, we've switched to publicly hosting all Document Freedom Day artwork on Gitorious. That means that everyone can browse the most up to date source files from the convenience of their web browser, including vector graphics, and hi-res versions ready for pro-printing.

Freedom Floppy t-shirts have arrived

04 February:

"I need to want to wear these shirts" said Anna, volunteer t-shirt Project Manager. "Less geek more chic".

Document Freedom Day 2014 is looking for a cartoonist

21 November:

For Document Freedom Day 2014, a cartoon strip explaining the concept of Open Standards will be commissioned. It will be understandable by children and adults alike and should explain the freedoms that Open Standards provide as well as why they're important to everyone.

Document Freedom Day 2013 Report

19 April:

Thanks to the hard work of local groups around the world, Document Freedom Day 2013 was larger than ever, with 60 events in 30 countries. Several of these were celebrating for the first time, including Niger, Indonesia, and the United States. Open Standards are international by nature - they can be implemented by anyone, anywhere, and the more widely they're used, the more compatible society becomes. That's why Document Freedom Day's global reach is so important, and why it's so exciting to see it grow.

taz.die tageszeitung receives Document Freedom Germany Award

27 March:

The German newspaper taz.die tageszeitung (TAZ) receives this year's Document Freedom Day award. With this award, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) honour organisations that make exemplary use of Open Standards.

Document Freedom Day from Brussels to Taiwan: Open Standards celebrated in 30 countries

27 March:

In 30 countries around the world, activists are celebrating Open Standards on today's Document Freedom Day, an annual campaign to promote Open Standards. More than 50 groups are hosting events around the world, from Brussels to Nicaragua to Taiwan.

Lessons from Lessig – Prestigious thinker calls for Document Freedom.

15 March:

Lawrence Lessig, Director of the Safra Center for Ethics, Professor of Law at Harvard and founder of The Stanford Center for Internet and Society, has recently expressed his support for Document Freedom Day (DFD).

2013 Event registration now open

25 February:

Today event registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2013, March 27th. Local teams can add details of their activities to, and have them marked on the global campaign map.

Neelie Kroes reacts after receiving DFD Handcuffs - DFD

20 April:

As you know, to close our 2012 edition of the Document Freedom Day, we sent handcuffs to 100 politicians, and other public personalities, asking them to consider the problem of the lack of use of Open Standards, symbolised by "digital handcuffs".

Report of Document Freedom Day 2012

05 April:

Document Freedom Day 2012 was a great success! America, Asia, Africa and Europe celebrated together Open Standards at 54 events. It is no doubt that DFD is growing and we believe that it will be even more successful next year. So what about having look at what happened around the world on 28th of March? And what has the Pope to do with Open Standards? Read our detailed report to find out.

Document Freedom Day ends but is not over!

29 March:

Today 12:00 UTC marks the end of Document Freedom Day 2012. Thank you all for your motivation and efforts to celebrate Document Freedom Day around the globe without borders! 52 events in 24 countries were registered and together we were able to raise awareness of Open Standards in 19 different languages! All these registered events covered a time-span of 21 hours dedicated to information accessibility - from Japan to Colombia.

Document Freedom Award for Slovak Commission for Standardization

28 March:

The Free Software Foundation Europe awarded the Slovak Commission for Standardization of the Public Administration Information Systems and its working groups with the Document Freedom Award this week. The Commission was awarded for its long standing commitment and achieved results in the field of the Open Standards. The prize was presented on the occasion of Document Freedom Day, the international day of Open Standards.

So many things happening - Status updates by microblog

28 March:

There are so many things happening at the moment. We are not able to write a news entry for each event. If you want to have up to date information, please take a look at our microblogging account and follow the hash-tag "dfd" on or twitter. Beside that we still receive new events all the time. Thanks alredy to all of you!

Document Freedom Day begins!

27 March:

Today marks the beginning of Document Freedom Day 2012 at 10.00 UTC, 00.00 UTC +14. The first event takes place in Nagoya, Japan's third largest city, followed by events in Yuli, Taiwan, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

DFD 2012 Events

23 March:

This year's DFD is approaching fast, and we can already say that we will have had a good year: More than 30 events have been registered in South-America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. However, both we and you could do a lot better, and there is still time to register and organise an event. North-America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia desperately need more events. Also, while Central Europe is well covered, Europe's western, eastern, and northern parts could do with additional events. To organise an event, you can gather ideas from the highlighted events below, or take a look at our events page.

Article: Commandment for minimalistic formats - Being an Open Standard is not enough

23 March:

With Document Freedom Day coming up on Wednesday, FSFE is publishing an article by FSFE co-founder Bernhard Reiter. He discusses what makes a good data format, and argues that Open Standards are good, but that we need to push further still. His central question to data formats is "Can we make it simpler?" The article is currently in German, translations are welcome.

Handcuffs - DFD

21 March:

Do you know a certain politician who should really learn more about Open Standards? Have you tried to explain the importance of Open Standards to your boss, friends, local administration or service, but without any results? Would support from the outside world help? Definitely! Inform our Document Freedom Day (DFD) team about your situation and we will send a free, remarkable gift to your contact to help them learn more about the power of Open Standards.

Medzinárodné ocenenie slovenskej Komisie pre štandardizáciu ISVS

15 March:

Európske združenie Free Software Foundation Europe, e.V., so sídlom v Berlíne udelí dňa 26.3.2012 o 9:30 na pôde Ministerstva Financií SR, slovenskej Komisii pre štandardizáciu ISVS a jej pracovným skupinám symbolickú cenu - Document Freedom Award, za ich viacročné úsilie ako aj dosiahnuté výsledky v oblasti presadzovania otvorených štandardov. Cena bude odovzdaná pri príležitosti dňa otvorených štandardov ako súčasť celosvetovej akcie Document Freedom Day 2012.

Call for Street Art Artists

30 January:

On 28th of March 2012, we will be running a campaign for document liberation - Document Freedom Day 2012. On this occasion, we would like to ask you for help in promoting its underlying idea by means of your art.

Become a supporting organisation for Document Freedom Day 2012

27 January:

To make these plans a reality, we need your support as a partner of Document Freedom Day 2012! Talk with your friends/regional groups, and think about activities and events that you could organise to promote Open Standards. We would be happy to help you with ideas, prize-giving, and finding sponsors.

FSFE calls for nominations for the Document Freedom Award

10 January:

This year for the fourth time, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) will assign the Document Freedom Award on the 28th of March 2012. With the Document Freedom Award, the FSFE and the FFII like to honor German institutes or enterprises that made an outstanding contribution for the spread and the use of Open Standards. The Document Freedom Award is granted each year during the Document Freedom Day, the international day to celebrate the importance of Open Standards

Restructuring Website

06 January:

As you might have noticed, we are currently restructuring the website. The design was changed, as well as the front page and we updated our contact information. awarded for the use of Open Standards

30 March:

Today the ARD internet platform will receive an award for the use of Open Standards at the "Document Freedom Day". The prize is awarded by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. (FFII) for offering the broadcasted shows also in the free video format "Ogg Theora".

Document Freedom Day celebrated around the world

30 March:

Today, activists in 37 cities around the world are raising awareness for Open Standards and open document formats. In workshops, talks and other events, they are explaining why Open Standards and Free Software are crucial to a free and competitive information society.

Coordinators wanted : Celebrating Open Standards on 30th March

22 February:

We are looking for coordinators all over the globe to organize local activities! In our website you can find information about types of activities to organize, download artwork to print fliers, t-shirts, flags, and stickers.

Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write: Celebrating Document Freedom Day 2011

02 February:

Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) invites individuals, community groups and institutions to celebrate the Document Freedom Day (DFD) on March 30th. DFD is a global day to celebrate Open Standards and open document formats and its importance. Open Standards ensure the freedom to access your data, and the freedom to build Free Software to write and read data in specific formats.

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