A Document Freedom Day team is group of people who want to be part of our community and organise activities to promote free document formats.

HowTo - Linking

We encourage you to form a team and organise an event where you live! Create a website and present your activity (if you need help setting up a website, contact us).

Please inform us so that we can link to your website and have a nice list of events for Document Freedom Day 2011. See the FAQ for more information.


Do you have to have an organization in order to register for a team?

No, disorganizations can register a team too :-). You don't need a formal organization to form a team.

How should you name our team?

There is no specific rule for that. You can name it by your organization or informal group. We suggest that you not call your team by the name of a city or country though, since there might be other teams from the same place.

What if there is more than one team in our city?

We suggest you to organise activities together since all teams might attract the same population.

This is applicable to all geographic or any other areas that might attract the same people.

What about the content of the team page?

You are free to create the content on the site and improve existing. We encourage you to do that and look forward to see you contributing the site.

We also suggest you to check if there is similar content already on the site.

Important element to put on your team page

  • Country
  • City
  • Organization (If none, you can create a nice name for your team!)
  • Contact
  • Event: Where? When?

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