Source files, versions for professional printing, and further details including fonts can all be found in the version controlled artwork repository. Links below are sample previews. All artwork is available under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Printed promotion material

Here you find promotion material that we can deliver to you in a professional printed version. You can order default packages or individualize your order for special wishes. In case you want to print them yourself, you find the source files in the artwork repository.


A7 Flyer Front / Back


Leaflet Outside / Inside

This leaflet is available in printed version in French, German, Spanish and Turkish.

We have this leaflet also translated in other languages, for example in Finnish and traditional Chinese. You can find these versions and its source files in the artwork repository.


Sticker WCRYDocs


The posters below is two-sided and available in A2 and A3. The front side is english, the back is multilangual (en, fr, de, es, tr, pt).

Frontside and Backside of the same poster


We are happy to offer you a DFD t-shirt for 2015. They can be ordered through FSFE's web shop. All of them are organic, fairtrade, and come with a high quality screen print.


Here you can find most of our artwork we have created and which has mostly been translated. We do not offer printed versions (yet) but feel free to do this yourself or to contribute to the translations. To see all available artwork, check out our artwork repository or have a look at the FTP server.

If you have nice graphics you like to share, please send us a mail and we might upload it in our repository or publish it here.

Logos, banners, icons

These graphics are perfect for inclusion in your website to spread the word about Document Freedom Day. The following files are only a selection, for all current and past graphics, check out the artwork repository.


Art & Design

Cartoon EN

Cartoon ES

Dove Defined poster colour

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