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DFD Team

We can provide assistance, information, and expertise for your DFD event or if you have general questions about DFD. Individuals, communities and businesses are encouraged to contact us.

DFD Team 2014

The DFD Team (from left to right): Tilman Beck, Anna Morris, Max Mehl, Sam Tuke, Lucile Falgueyrac, Joey, Erik Albers, Nermin Canik, Julia Fuchs, Matti Lammi.

Webpage and Technical support: Matti Lammi, Sam Tuke

Translations and motivation: countless activists and volunteers, thank you very much for your contributions, you are great!

Making DFD possible: You! This is a big thank you for all of you participating in DFD or spreading the news about it! Thank you very much, you know who you are!


  • Hashtag: #DFD2014, #WCRYDocs
  • Follow our account documentfreedom on Twitter.

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