Document Freedom Day 2012 ends but is not over!

Today 12:00 UTC marks the end of Document Freedom Day 2012. Thank you all for your motivation and efforts to celebrate Document Freedom Day around the globe without borders! 52 events in 24 countries were registered and together we were able to raise awareness of Open Standards in 19 different languages! All these registered events covered a time-span of 21 hours dedicated to information accessibility - from Japan to Colombia.

This year we were celebrating Document Freedom Day for the 5th time and year by year people all over the world have done their best to make this event even bigger than the one before. Some of you have been participating since the first day. Thank you so much for your activity! Another thank you is dedicated to our 38 partners and donors (this year especially Google and Oracle) for supporting Document Freedom Day.

What needs to be done

DFD is not over yet. There are still some events and beside that we also need your help:

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