Handcuffs updates

As you know, to close our 2012 edition of the Document Freedom Day, we sent handcuffs to 100 politicians, and other public personalities, asking them to consider the problem of the lack of use of Open Standards, symbolised by "digital handcuffs".

Also Neelie Kroes, vice President of the European Commission, received them. She released yesterday a declaration stating 'Only the other day, the Free Software Foundation wrote to me about open standards. With their letter they enclosed something I don't normally get in the mail, a pair of handcuffs. Because they're worried about 'digital handcuffs', and wanted to know if I am with them on openness. And the answer is yes. Let me show you, these handcuffs are not closed, not locked. I can open them if and when I want. That's what I mean by being open online, what it means to me to get rid of 'digital handcuffs' .

We are happy to see that our message went through, that it is being understood properly, and that it is receiving a good press coverage, as showed by articles on The Guardian and Wired UK.

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