Document Freedom Day 2013 Report

DFD around the world 2013

Thanks to the hard work of local groups around the world, Document Freedom Day 2013 was larger than ever, with 60 events in 30 countries. Several of these were celebrating for the first time, including Niger, Indonesia, and the United States. Open Standards are international by nature - they can be implemented by anyone, anywhere, and the more widely they're used, the more compatible society becomes. That's why Document Freedom Day's global reach is so important, and why it's so exciting to see it grow.

Highlights from this year include more than a hundred press articles and blogs, four times more events in Turkey than last year, Libre Office's publication of a new migration guide, support from Lawrence Lessig, and a storm of social media coverage and discussion.

The above video mashup of this year's activities can also be downloaded in WebM and MP4 formats.

Robots: dancing around the world

As the big day approached, action packs were dispatched to 50 hackerspaces around Europe, containing briefings for 2013 activities, and a range of promotional tools to aid them in their challenge. Each received 6 posters bearing robots engaged in entangled tango: "Compatibility hard-wired", and a variety of fliers and stickers. Hundreds of other proponents commissioned their own packs and assisted in spreading the promotional media as far afield Nicaragua, The Netherlands, Nepal, and Niger.

Content of DFD's 2013 action pack People from Romania celebrating Document Freedom, using our action pack

Reaching the public

Advocating Open Standards to the general public is one of the campaign's hardest and most important tasks. Several events took on this challenge and ran information booths on highstreets in Caen (France), Vienna (Austria), and Munich (Germany).

Event organisers took the opportunity to create their own promotional materials, among them localised websites (Turkey, Switzerland), and a variety of fliers and posters (Germany, France, Spain).

Open formats, what for? Document Freedom

Inspirational events: music, cakes, and jamming

Three events which employed special creativity: engaging conference attendees at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (Germany) by crafting a variety of paper doves representing different standards, and the freedom that they offer. In Portugal a night of Free Culture performances showcased the potential of Open Standards for the arts. Whilst in Zurich people were invited to jam with their data, and used Open Standards to turn Open Data into visual and acoustic entertainment.

Doves from Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Dove made by children at Chemnitz Linux Tag (Germany)

Cakes have a proud tradition within Document Freedom Day, to commemorate awards and celebrate events. Maybe you were lucky enough to try one of them!

Cake by Die Grünen Berlin Cakes in Ankara Cake from the El Tigre Event - Venezuela Cake in FSFE's office in Berlin Cake in Turkey Berlin award Document Freedom Day cake

Talks, awards, and meetings

Presentations and workshops remained the most popular way to celebrate Document Freedom Day in 2013, and for the first time funding was available for event organisers. Topics varied widely, including:

  • Using Open Standards to be productive with Open Data, in Poland
  • How to audit the use of Open Standards by local government, in Spain, Canary Islands
  • How to use different audio and video formats with HTML5, in Romania
  • How copyrights and patents affect Open Standards, in Czech Republic
  • EPUB3: books in the XXI century in Brazil

The European Parliament hosted the third Document Freedom Day Conference, sponsored by MEPs from the European Greens party and the Pirate Party. FSFE president Karsten Gerloff gave the keynote speech, and provided expertise on two Q&A panels. The first addressed data portability and privacy relating to digital health records, the second concerned the importance of Open Standards to government infrastructure, and discussed strategies for making greater use of them.

Giving local groups more resources: Document Freedom from Berlin to the world!

In Berlin (Germany) the newspaper taz.die tageszeitung (taz) was awarded this year's German Document Freedom Day Award for adopting and promoting Open Standards. Taz's regular publication of their newspaper in several Open Formats including ePub, PDF, and HTML, without DRM, earned them the prize.

Torsten Grote (FSFE), Ines Pohl (taz), Erik Albers (FSFE), Ralf Klever (taz-EDV), Frank Doepper    (taz-EDV), Stephan Uhlmann (FFII) Ralf Klever, IT Manager, holding the award certificate, with representatives of taz, FSFE,   and FFII

Getting rid of non-Free Flash websites

A new sub-campaign was launched this year, targeting popular websites who're locking their users to closed standards using Flash videos. The team asked for web addresses that should switch to Open HTML5 technologies, and so far more than a hundred have been reported. Soon, educational packs will be delivered to their organisations, imploring them to change, and including a graphic illustration of the restrictions they're imposing on users.

Flash player is required for viewing

About Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day campaigns to celebrate information accessibility and introduce non-technical audiences to Open Standards. Open Standards are a basic condition for freedom and choice in software; ensuring the freedom to access data, and the freedom to build Free Software to read and write information. Since 2008, Document Freedom Day is celebrated around the world on the last Wednesday of March each year.

Events around the world


Document Freedom Day @ Open Labs in Tirana

Document Freedom Day in OpenLabs


Free and Open Source Software day in Algeria

Volunteers with DFD fliers Volunteers with DFD fliers


Charla Informativa acerca de los Documentos Libres in Posadas


Document Freedom Day Information Desk in Vienna

Booth in Vienna Booth in Vienna Booth in Vienna


Carrot cake @ Karsmakers in Brussels


Document Freedom Day - Document Freedom Day e Brasil, CISL - Comitê Técnico de Implementação de Software Livre do Governo Federal


Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo

Document Freedom Day Campinas 2013, Libre Planet São Paulo.

More information about the event can be found here

Ciclo de Palestras in São José

Dia da Liberdade dos Documentos in Rio de Janeiro

Presentation in Rio de Janeiro Document Freedom Day team in Rio de Janeiro T-shirt Libre Office Rio de Janeiro Flyer Rio de Janeiro


Documentos al viento in Bogotá

Document Freedom Day Cartagena 2013 in Cartagena


Document Freedom Day 2013 Celebration at University of Rijeka Department of Informatics in Rijeka

Czech Republic

Workshop on the intellectual property and Open Standards in Brno

European Parliament

Greens/EFA 3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament

Video of the third 3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament


Libérez vos docs! in Caen

Libération des données de la base ReLIRE (BNF) in Paris


Freedom and Art Workshops presentation in Berlin

Document Freedom Day in Berlin

Document Freedom Day Berlin, die Grünen

Document Freedom Day in Munich

Booth in Munich

"Alles verbieten", Düsseldorf

Presentation in Düsseldorf

German Document Freedom Day Award, Berlin

Ralf Klever, taz IT Manager, with DFD certificate and taz, FSFE, and FFII From left to right: Torsten Grote (FSFE), Ines Pohl (taz), Erik Albers (FSFE), Ralf Klever      (taz-EDV), Frank Doepper (taz-EDV), Stephan Uhlmann (FFII)


Document Freedom Day for ALUG in Kumasi


Document Freedom Workshop 2013 in Kolkata

"Happy document freedom day!" in Ahmedabad


Document Freedom Day 2013 in Jakarta


A scuola di libertà in Arezzo

Document Freedom Day 2013 in via Valletta di Vadone - Valleggia (SV)

Document Freedom Day in Catanzaro


ALIS Docuement Freedom Day in Tiznit


Libres...tal y como nacímos!!!


Document Freedom Day, Nepal in Kathmandu

Document Freedom Day in Nepal covered by Prakash Neupane

Banner Document Freedom Day Nepal Presentation Nepal


Charla de Promoción de Formatos y Licencias Libres in Managua

Document Freedom Day in Nicaragua

Campaña Virtial de Promoción de Formatos Libres in Managua


Niger Document Freedom Day in Tahoua


Dzień Otwartej Dokumentacji in Szczecin


Dia da Liberdade Documental in Lisbon

Free concert in Lisbon ANSOL Vice-President with the DFD flag Presentation in Lisbon


Ziua Libertății Documentelor în ASE in Bucharest

Fundatia Ceata Presentation in Bucharest

Document Freedom Day 2013 in Cluj-Napoca

Making Document Freedom Day doves in Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca Document Freedom Day volunteers


День свободы форматов данных 2013 in г. Омск, ул. Грозненская, д. 11, ауд. 207Б


Document Freedom Day Slovenija 2013 in Ljubljana @Kiberpipa


Document Freedom Day Almeriense in Almería

Lanzarote Document Freedom Day Openness Audit in Harí­a, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, Spain (territorial waters)


Data jam in Zurich


Free Information at XinZhuang, New Taipei City in LE105, Fu Jen Catholic University


More information about Document Freedom Day in Turkey can be found on their national website

Document Freedom Day - Ankara

Cake at Siemens Ankara DFD volunteers - Siemens Ankara

Document Freedom Day event in Çanakkale

Belge Özgürlüğü Günü in Istanbul

Document Freedom Day in Istanbul Presentation in Istanbul Talk in Istanbul Cake in Istanbul

Belge Özgürlüğü Günü İzmir Buluşması

DFD in Izmir

Belge Özgürlüğü Günü’nü Kutluyoruz

Chamber of Computer Engineers (BMO), Ankara Talk in Ankara

Bilkent Üniversitesi'nde Döküman Özgürlüğü Günü'nü Kutluyoruz in Bilkent Üniversitesi, Doğu Kampüs

Document Freedom Day event in Izmir

DFD in Izmir DFD in Izmir


HRVA LocalWiki Document Freedom Day in Virginia Beach

Code for America Hampton Roads Brigade Celebrates Document Freedom Day 2013

Code for Hampton Roads Code for Hampton Roads


Document Freedom Day 2013 in Puerto Ordaz

Día del Documento Libre - Mérida

Document Freedom Day 2013 en Complejo Cultural Simón Bolivar en El Tigre

Volunteers in El Tigre El Tigre's Document Freedom Day cake Certificate

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in organising a local Document Freedom Day event and helped getting the message spread. You, and our two main sponsors, Google and OpenSUSE made Document Freedom Day possible for the 6th time running!

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