Get Your Document Freedom Promotion Material

If you are organising a DFD event and you are looking for printed material to promote your event, please, feel free to order our posters, flyers and stickers. Please be aware about shipping time from Germany to your country. Just by ordering in advance, you can make sure to still have some time to promote your event using this material.

Poster & sticker packs

Promotion pack

Unfortunately, we cannot offer delivery of DFD promo packages anymore. However, you can still get the material from FSFE's promotion section.

Small pack / Big pack

Depending on what you are planning to do and what you think that you need to promote your event, you can either order a small pack or a big pack. Both come with preprinted professional material. For a small package expect some stickers, five posters and a hand full of fliers and leaflets. For a big package expect a hand full of stickers, ten posters and two hands full of fliers and leaflets. Use the order form below and choose for big or small package.

Thanks to our sponsors the delivery is for free.

If you'd like to customise your pack, or order more items than a single pack contains, please use FSFE's promo order page.

When your pack arrives, send us photos of what you're doing with the content - we'd love to share snaps of the posters in your office, school, or wherever else you put them!

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