Let's get rid of non-free Flash websites

Some websites have already switched their media to HTML5 technologies, but most organisations, including governments, public administrations, newspapers, and television stations, still force their users to install Flash. Should citizens be required to sacrifice their freedom and safety just to browse online?

What's wrong with Flash? Find out here

Document Freedom Day 2013 is an opportunity to tell major websites that Open Standards are important, and that HTML5 should be used by default. Together we can let them know that new and existing services can work as well without non-Free plugins, and that it's important for society that they make the move.

Glasses included in the Open Standards info packs

Think about the websites that you use the most - which of them require you to have Flash to enjoy them? Send us their URL and postal address using this reporting form, and we'll do the rest.

Document Freedom Day Team

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