Sponsor a city to adopt Open Standards in 2012

Document Freedom Day is a global celebration of Open Standards and open document formats.

Open Standards are a basic necessity for freedom and choice in the use of software. Document Freedom Day raises awareness of Open Standards, and encourages everyone to contribute to a better information society. It's fun and easy to participate.

We encourage groups and individuals to organize activities online and offline all over the globe, and help them in a variety of ways: providing ideas for actions; creating infrastructure for cooperation and collaboration; and supplying financial assistance for local cities to produce materials which spread the campaign message, or support related activities.

Last year Document Freedom Day was celebrated at 42 events in 14 different countries. Coordinating these activities required the attention of a small team of staff, who were financially supported by campaign sponsors.

This year Document Freedom Day will take place on March 28th, with the aim of having at least 25 participating cities. The estimated budget per city is 400 EUR, which covers local event organisation, and production of promotional materials.

Document Freedom Day is a unique opportunity for your organisation to support Open Standards and make markets fairer and more accessible. Take advantage and adopt a city today.

Your organisation will earn recognition as a supporter of Open Standards, leveraged through a global campaign. We invite you to take this chance to position yourself as a visible supporter of freedom, choice and competition in the software market, and of a free and inclusive information society.

As a sponsor you will be entitled to:

  • Acknowlegement on the Document Freedom Day sponsors page
  • Your logo printed on promotional materials in your sponsored city
  • The opportunity to send your representatives to events in your sponsored city

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