How to award a Document Freedom Day Prize

Document Freedom Day Prizes publicly recognise the good work of organisations who are leading adoption of Open Standards. To encourage groups to award prizes to organisations in their country, we provide funding to cover the costs. Venue hire, baking of a cake, and professional certificate printing are all examples of the sorts of costs you may wish to claim back.

Prizes are awarded every year to organisations, companies and public bodies who are doing pioneering work with Open Standards. In past years awards went to, the Slovak Commission for Standardization, 1&1 Internet AG,, Dradio, and the German Foreign Office received prizes.

To award a prize:

  • Identify an organisation that is doing exceptional work with Open Standards in your country (see the 2012 , 2013 , and 2014 report for examples)
  • Ask them if they would be happy to receive a Document Freedom Day Prize
  • Tell us about your prize so we can spread the word
  • Print a certficiate to present to them on or near Document Freedom Day in March
  • Arrange for a Document Freedom Day cake to be baked to present them with if you wish
  • Visit the organisation's office to present the award in person if you wish
  • Invite journalists to the award presentation event if you wish